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Conservatories have been around in form or another since the eighteenth century when they were basically greenhouses used by Dutch farmers to protect plants during the winter months. They have evolved into a very popular addition to the modern home and used for a wide range of uses the whole year round. .

The modern day conservatory is a far cry from the initial design of conservatories which in all likelihood did not imagine an extension to a property, which created a lovely space in which the garden surroundings combined perfectly with the conservatory. More likely though the greenhouse which serves the same purpose as the origin conservatory to give a protective area in which plants would survive the cold winter months of Northern Europe.

Over this period several styles of conservatory have evolved from different periods of history. The main ones are Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian. There is also the lean-to conservatory, although this style is more likely to be used as an attached greenhouse or garden room, than a fully functional living space.

These major styles of conservatories can be constructed in three materials – aluminium, PVCu or timber. Each one of these have their relative strengths with PVCu offering the cheapest option, aluminium offers strength and durability, whilst timber conservatories give a more natural and traditional look.

Apart from the time and expense that goes into building your conservatory there is the task of adding blinds and furniture. With the popularity of conservatories these days, there is a large choice of furniture retailers and an even bigger choice of furniture. Therefore you should be sure of what you are after before selecting the final pieces. Some of the things to consider are the size of the room, use of the room, frequency of use, budget and last but certainly not least, the style of furniture.

Conservatory blinds are also a major consideration for a new or existing conservatory, as it is vital to maintain a consistent temperature to obtain the maximum benefit. You may have lived in a property with a badly insulated conservatory with inadequate blinds. If so then you will know the problems this can cause as it is very annoying to have a conservatory that is unpleasant in summer for being to hot and likewise in winter for being to cold.